5 Steps to Keep Track of Your Social Media Profiles

One of the most common problems Vicki and I see artists having when trying to promote their projects online is keeping track of so many profiles! In today’s world of online social media, it is difficult not to have a Twitter account, a Facebook account, a LinkedIn page, etc. For an artist, add to that list a ReverbNation account, a Bandcamp page, a YouTube channel, and (possibly still) a Myspace page. Below are some tips to keep in mind to help artists like you stay on top of all the social media messiness that comes with promoting an album or show.

1. Make a List of ALL Accounts

As an artist there are many “staple” sites in which it is crucial to maintain a presence, such as ReverbNation, PollStar, Bandcamp, and of course, Facebook. There are even sites that you may have had to create a profile for simply to access other people’s music, making it easy to forget every site. Do a Google search of yourself to see what comes up and make a full and complete list.

2. Make a List of Usernames & Passwords

As many of these sites use emails as usernames, it is best to link as many sites as possible to one email address in order to keep track of email updates and notifications. While you may want different passwords, keeping them all related to one another for easy recall is also helpful.

3. List the Purpose of Each Profile

While many profiles may feel as though they repeat the same information, it’s important to know why you are on a certain site. If you can’t think of why a site is beneficial to the promotion of your music, is the profile worth maintaining?

4. Narrow Down to What You Can Manage

Be realistic of what you can handle, especially if you are a D-I-Y artist. If some profiles overlap in purpose and benefits and you’re likely to not spend time online updating these sites, narrow down your list.

5. Get Organized & Simplify Your Life Online

Figure out what works for you. Whether it’s a spreadsheet, post-it notes, or an app like Hootsuite, find a way to stay organized and up to date with your online promotions. An editorial calendar is also a great way to plan out your Facebook posts and tweets for the upcoming days or even weeks.


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