George 48

“Mentoring the Potential in the Music Industry” – George 48

I began my industry career in “94” when I was hired by Bad Boy Records to promote Bad Boy artists to college DJ’s. While working at Bad Boy, I assumed double duties by going to work under Jessica Rosenbaum at Stress Management. Working under Stress Management gave me the knowledge and drive to begin my own management company, “No Pressure Management.”

Every day is an opportunity to grow a business, and it was in 2001 that I used my skills and experiences to steer the incorporation of Straight Face Records. I turned the good fortune of our first signed artist, a veritable no name singer/rapper from Spanish Harlem into a prolific expansion for Straight Face Records. With the instant hit of Lumidee’s “Never Leave You (Uh Oooh, Uh Oooh) (Remix),” I managed to attract a bevy of hungry distributors, but it was Universal Music’s offer of a 50/50 joint venture in 2002 that sealed the deal.

Having a B.A. in business and experience as a promoter/manager, I was behind the corporate wheel, driving Straight-Face Records to obtaining the ultimate distribution deal. With one of music industry’s corporate giants advocating the label, Straight Face Records released “Almost Famous,” Lumidee’s debut album, in the Summer of 2003.

I monetized this contingency by acquiring Straight Face Studio along with my partner, which housed state-of-the-art technology. Here, Universal utilized their business partners by sending their established artists to record. I am currently invested in a brand new studio. “The A-Line Studios” is a place where raw talent is cultivated to manufacture marketable music.

I continue to consult various up and coming artists, producers and start-up companies in addition to those established in the music community.