As you all know, 48Consulting is all about “Mentoring the Potential in the Music Industry.” IXiiV Artist Consulting is an innovative firm that works with artists of all genres, providing them with custom marketing, branding, and performance solutions to help them reach their professional goals.

In January of 2012, 48Consulting and IXiiV Artist Consulting came together through their shared passion for helping artists stand out from the crowd and confidently and effectively navigate the ever-changing, consumer-driven music industry.

IXiiV is run by two creative and savvy businesswomen, Vicki & Suz. The Boss Ladies, as they are known, met while attending the Music Industry program at Drexel University. Fulfilling their entrepreneurial dreams, the Boss Ladies named their company IXiiV, a play on escaping their 9-to-5 jobs.

Teamwork is at the heart of everything that 48Consulting represents. In that spirit, George 48 has joined forces with Vicki and Suz to provide YOU, the artist, with the most up-to-date and useful information and advice for succeeding in today’s music industry. Twice a month, the Boss Ladies will share FREE tips on managing your music online through social media, as well as on other related topics, on George 48’s highly successful and well-trusted blog.

Be sure to check back often to hear what these bosses have to say and how you, the artist, can put their advice to work.

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