More Than The Music

Thank you all for tuning in. As this is my first post on my newly
renovated site, I expect you to flip through the virtual pages of my
business catalog. Take time to explore, learn 48 ways to achieving your

For those of you who don’t know me, I’m G48, but as my business matures,
so have I and am now known as George 48. So when you breeze through the
site and see “48″ this and “48″ that, I’m referring to myself and the
knowledge I offer you, not a literal 48 numbered checklist.

Now on to more important matters, and that’s what matters to you. I
specialize in consulting aspiring music artists. The dream is the same,
record music, hear it played on the radio (do a jig by yourself in the
living room), GET PAID! The difference is HOW? You’ve all seen the
thousands of contestants in each city that will sacrifice hygiene or
would sell out their grandmothers for a spot on the American Idol stage.
So what do the rest of you do? You call me.

Excuse me, the phone is ringing…

Where was I… Oh right, music. You get it, I have vast connections and
knowledge of the music industry. But my experience and company are about
more than the music. Through this blog and consulting, I will provide
insight on establishing yourself through all walks of life. You want to
be established and successful in any line of business. I want to make
sure you are.

I will give you my philosophies, insights, answer questions and share
experiences that will inspire you to harness your talents and believe in
the power of you (Self help section, second floor to the back). But
seriously, why would you need help if you knew what to do. So let me.
I’m looking forward to it.

George 48